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The Only Book You’ll Ever Need About Vampires……And No It’s Not Twilight

Posted in Literature, Reviews on May 12, 2010 by bccstall

Vampires are so in right now. Thanks to Stephanie Meyer and her bastard “Twlight” series and the CW show “The Vampire Diaries,”  vampires are the “it” thing at the moment (However, they aren’t a trending topic on Twitter, so take that for what it’s worth.)

With pop culture’s current infatuation with all things Nosferatu, people who are new to the whole vampire thing will obviously have some questions. Fortunately for them, Matt Melvin, co-runner of comedy site, has come up with a “totally factual guide to vampires” titled “Dracula Is A Racist.”

Melvin’s book gives people the “facts” that people must have when it comes to vampires. It’s also gives multiple reasons why zombies suck compared to vampires. From giving the background on such famous vampires as Dracula, Count von Count and Jim Belushi to the many different types of fake vampires (or vampyres, if you want to get technical), Melvin has every single fact (both real and made-up) that you would ever need to know about vampires.

It’s completely understood by everyone involved with this book, from author to publisher to reader that this book isn’t going to rival “The Great Gatsby” or anything but what “Dracula Is A Racist” is, is a highly-entertaining book that you will enjoying. Also, any book that uses the art of footnotes half as good as Bill Simmons or Chuck Klosterman is good in my book.

You can pick this book up on Amazon or any store that sell books. These places are commonly known as bookstores. ***3/4