Stall Web Exclusive-Ready To Give It “All” by Allan Peters

Chris Canberg, a 19-year-old, undecided , second semester student, is not only the lead singer but also the rhythm guitarist of Manalapan’s up and coming band, All Of A Kind.  The band’s roots date back to eighth grade when Canberg started writing songs for his own pleasure.  These songs were not recorded until years later when the band was formed.

In seventh grade, Canberg started experimenting on the drums.  He was always involved in different kinds of music competitions and talent shows.  This was when Canberg realized how deep his love for music really was.  Even though he was good on the drums, he wanted to maximize his talent so he decided to take up playing the guitar.  Messing around on his father’s old guitar seemed natural to the talented songwriter, but he wanted to be the best he could be.

It wasn’t until an old friend came along that Canberg realized just what he was capable of musically. Franco Sulfaro, a friend of Cranberg’s since early childhood, helped Canberg when it came time to combine the lyrics with music. Sulfaro, an extremely gifted guitarist, also was a natural when it came to making music.  Once Cranberg heard the riffs Sulfaro could play and with the music he had been writing for many years, the pair instantly meshed and so All of a Kind was born.

Just some of the bands influences are a variety of heavy metal, pop and punk music, including Fall Out Boy and Slipknot.

Canberg describes his music as having a positive feel.  “I hate using the word ‘emo,’ but it’s very metamorphic. Not in a loathing way, but more of an optimistic way.”  Canberg explained that his first single, “A Young Heart Against a One-Way Street” is based on a hidden message of always believing.  In his case, believing in the band and prospering.  Anther song, “Dumbstruck,” in a way is “calling out for us to come together,” and is based on a falling out of friendship of an old friend he wishes he didn’t lose touch with.

At the moment, All of a Kind only consists of the two members, but they are not letting that hold them back.  Canberg explained that when the right bassist and drummer come along, the band will be complete, but until then they will push forward with their skills and continue to make meaningful music.  It is important to both Canberg and Sulfaro that their future bandmates not only are good at what they do, but they also must be good people in general.

Their recording studio, based in Manhattan’s financial district is a metaphor of the greatness to come from this talented band.  Paul Falcone of PJF Music Productions told the group, “You guys could be making killer records one day,” a very positive backing from a man who has an eye for talent.

At the moment Canberg is focusing most of his attention on college and preparing to get his diploma so he has something to fall back on should he need it.  But their ultimate goal is to one day, be making music professionally.  “Nobody has any clue what will happen tomorrow, let alone a couple of years from now.  For all I know, this band could succeed in a few years or even a few hours.  It might not be for a long time but I’m going into it being fully aware of the fact.”

When asked what advice he would you give others looking to start their own band Cranberg offered, “Believe in yourself and have heart.  Be confident in you and your band but not cocky.”

Their album, “Clean Slate,” can be heard on their Myspace page, which is


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